S0ul Unreal – puty0urhandswheremyiii’scansee (Busta Rhymes Flip) [Download]

Like many I was disappointed with The Dragon and The Abstract project. I allowed myself to set expectations that were not met by a compilation of old collaborations and new songs that did not make me wish for an album from the duo like I did the first time I heard Wild Hot. The funny thing is, I usually keep my expectations low to avoid said disappointment, c’est la vie right?
While trolling SoundCloud, I saw the artwork for S0ul Unreal’s EnterParadise?.?EP [S0ulmix] and with zero expectations, I figured I’d check it out. I’m glad I did, and hearing this remix as the first track  track alleviated all thoughts it may be a dud. Grab the FreeP HERE

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