Robert Glasper – Dilla*Shine feat Zynzelay

Slum Village - Look of Love/Get Dis Money (Daru Remixes)

Everyone knows the genius that is Robert Glasper and his crew. What I didn’t know is that he had an Outake Compilation that was coming soon. This is gonna be dope, I’m sure. Need proof? Just hit play below and get lifted as Zynzelay makes your soul smile as she adds her vocals to Dilla*Shine. For those who have never seen Robert Glasper LIVE, we’ve also included some pix from his latest ATL show. Thank us in the comments section

zynzelay – vocals/lyric
chris dave – drums
casey benjamin – saxophone + vocoder
derrick hodge — bass
robert glasper — piano + rhodes

vocals recorded/mixed by charlton williams for miami beat wave

recorded may 2010

Robert Glasper – Dilla*Shine feat Zynzelay 

Originally posted June 15, 2010

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