Robert Glasper – Covered

In his new album Covered, Robert Glasper’s piano, double-bass and drum trio revisit his subtle neo jazz touch on tunes he enjoys listening to on his iPod as well as tracks from his much acclaimed Black Radio albums. The selection of hit songs cover a range of genres like Reckoner of Radiohead or Kendrick Lamar’s I’m Dying of Thirst with Glasper sublimating the melodies with his fingers virtuously wandering on the keyboard. On the Lamar cover, Glasper gives a moving tribute to the American black people unjustly shot by the police like Trayvon Martin or Jordan Davis whose names are quoted by sampled voices of children. The trio produces impressionist paintings. With his amazing hand technique, Glasper gives the feeling of the musical themes by smoothly working around them like on Jhené Aiko’s cover The Worst. The bass and drum section is resolutely well ahead of traditional jazz. The drummer Damion Reid and bassist Vicente Archer don’t stick to repetitive patterns nor standard ternary jazz rhythms but they improvise colors and forms representing their emotions. Levels is a breathtaking example of this inventive musical approach that invites listeners to put sounds into dreams while waiting for a next chapter of Robert Glasper’s neo jazz odyssey.

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