Richard Spaven – Show Me What You Got feat. Jordan Rakei (Busta x Dilla Remake)

Richard Spaven Jordan Rakeii

Busta Rhymes’ Anarchy album was released in 2000 with 3 placements from Dilla: Enjoy Da Ride, Live It Up, & Show Me What You Got. Amazingly enough, the original sample for Show Me What You Got, Stereolab’s Come and Play in the Milky Night was released in ’99, so Dilla would have had to have heard this, chopped it, and played this for Bus a Bus in really short period of time for it to be cleared and included on this album. We know, however, that Dilla had a rigorous work regiment, so not much surprise there.

Somehow, though, this sample has inspired so many to recreate it, including: Marc Mac’s Visioneers (Hipology), The Roots (Dilla Joints), and most recently, Surreal with his wittily titled, James & His Giant Stereo. It may have something to do with it’s catchy guitar and hypnotic bassline… However, Drummer/Producer Richard Spaven’s version is a special one. He connects with New Zealand’s Jordan Rakeii on some Jay-Z’s Takeover, “You made it a hot line, I made it a hot song” isht. Rakeii croons the chorus to Busta & Dilla’s original over a really jazzy take of Come & Play. Sublime

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