Rainer Truby - Soulgliding

Rainer Truby – Soulgliding

I became familiar with Rainer from his work with Truby Trio and whenever I see his name, I always check him out. Feb 2020, he’s dropping a 2 vinyl/CD album via BBE records compiled of records that help define a phrase he coined, Soulgliding, which is also the title of the album. Rainer defines Soulgliding as,”…the more languid, smoother side of 2-Step, Boogie, Modern Soul and even Jazz. ”
I describe it as the songs that would get played at my aunt’s house when I was as kid, the B-sides, the songs some trusted, discerning family member put together to make sure the party felt good. This compilation FEELS good! PreOrder and listen to a mini-mix HERE

Crystal Winds – Lover’s Holiday
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