Producer Alert: Elaquent

All I can say is this stuff right here is EXTRA grimey as the title entails. “Grimey and New” is a track that Canadian producer, Elaquent, chopped and composed basically from a Mayer Hawthorne song.  Elaquent also has a LP out called The Midnight After which is available at iTunes. Check it out!

Also, a word from the man himself:

“hi. i make beats. i love sega. nintendos dope too, but i grew up on sega. batman is my favourite superhero. i dont quantize my drums. my kungfu movie collection is over 400 films easy. and i rep Gill Breathing. that about sums me up. ” – Elaquent

Sounds like our kinda guy, now go cop this LP!

Grimey and New (Mayer Hawthorne flip) by Elaquent

The Midnight After teaser mix (by Kab) by Elaquent

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