Play Your Favorite Prince Album Day / Happy 30th Anniversary Prince!


My brother-in-law Jamal and I were up last night listening to records and stumbled upon Prince’s Controversy album. We both realized that Prince has ALOT of albums out – about 24 studio albums and like 39 or 40 total – including live albums, compilations etc. to be exact. While looking at his first groundbreaking album, “For You” we noticed that it just so happened to have been released on this day, 30 years ago on April 7th, 1978(!). So it was only right to make this post to recognize this day in music history.

Who would have known that 3 decades later we would still be rocking with the man who gave us more genre bending, independent thinking music than anyone else in the popular or “pop” music game right now AND in the last 30 years. So, let’s all use this day to play your favorite Prince album and celebrate a living legend and the music he gave (and is giving) us that will live on and on…

For the Prince Heads,
Junior Star

This Track “Crazy You” is one of my personal (re)discovered favs. Catch this one on my “Adults Only II” mix in the near future…

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