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Erykah Badu – Honey (J Finesse Remix)

J Finesse strikes again! This Erykah Bady remix right here, ninja!!! The driving beat and the percussion demand that you nod your head to Badu’s ode to her man. Stopping just short of feeling afro-latin, this remix has such a funky vibe that it conjures up images of driving down the street in an all black Cadillac with suicide doors in your own, personal blaxploitation flick. I wonder what my blaxploitation name would be…
Ok, now it’s time to pop in Black Dynamite. Enjoy!

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Grap Luva – Jay Dee Tribute

Here’s a live-recording of “The Younger Soul Brother” Grap Luva (INI/Pete Rock’s brother) paying tribute to Jay Dee at XM/Subsoniq Radio’sJ Dilla Day (2008) over a replay of Nag Champa.
Make sure you stay tuned to wonkabeats.comfor the latest news on Grap Luva’s upcoming 7” single and full length album, which will be released this year as joint venture between Grap & Redefinition Records. Check out Work it Out HERE

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