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Liston – Poppies

While checking out Liston’s Sleeper EP, I ran into this dope flip of Dilla’s remix of Crustation’s Purple. Poppies is flipped and chopped enough to make it unrecognizable while crafting a really cool reinterpretation of the track. Grab Sleeper which is described as containing “rich, ambient forward thinking productions” HERE

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D’Flower – Egyptian Musk

The bluesy, D.Tropes produced Egyptian Musk appears to be the overall favorite on D’Flower’s DeFlower EP. It’s one of the few tracks on the EP, which “features” beats from Madlib and Dilla amongst others, that truly feels cohesive, like it was created simultaneously. The EP is a good vibe out piece you can grab HERE for Seis Dolares

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DJ Needles – A Tribe Called Kast (Download)

The highly acclaimed, much anticipated blend tape is available HERE
“Fish ‘n Grits, Pimp Sh!t, Cadillacs, Beats, Rhymes & Life…it’s all here! The lyrics of OutKast over the beats of A Tribe Called Quest? WHAT?!!?! Get your download of the highly anticipated blend project known as “A Tribe Called Kast” – not now but RIGHT NOW! “

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