Osunlade – Yoruba Plays…(Mix)

2 mixes from Osunlade in one month! This time he runs his tracks and artists from his label into the flow. Enjoy and grab it HERE

01 Trinidad Senolia “Sucre Sacre”
02 Mike Steva “Chiko”
03 Djinji Brown “Autumn Brown”
04 Lady Alma “It’s House Music”
05 Osunlade “Human Beings” (Atjazz Remix)
06 Afefe Iku “the Blues”
07 Osunlade “Camera Shy” (Toto Chiavetta Remix)
08 Oveous Maximus “I Apologize”
09 Osunlade “The 8th Chakra”
10 Jimmy Abney “More Of You” (Tea Party Mix)
11 Lotus & Strauss “Grand Masterplan (Yoruba Dance Mix)
12 Osunlade “Atsuta Jingu”

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