Opek – Elevations ft Jonathan Röbel

Opek - Corners

Opek is a German drummer who dropped the really dope, thematic album, Corners last year. He believes connections take places at corners both figuratively and literally so every track is a collaboration with someone from his community. Pretty cool, right? The album falls into the ever expanding universe I enjoy which exists where Jazz & Hip Hop meet. I cal it Jazz-Hop, but ultimately it’s fusion…or is it?

My favorite track on the album features trombonist Jonathan Röbel bringing some really Rize -era Dwele vibes. Additionally, you gotta give props to the new Jazz trombonists like Ryan Porter, Carsten Rubeling and others who are able to bring the funk with one of the many under utilized instruments in Jazz. 
Sadly, if you wanted to grab this on vinyl, like me, it’s al sold out.You can still grab the MP3 and vibe out. Please do so

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