Oddisee – You Know Who You Are feat. Olivier Daysoul (Acoustic Version) [Video x Download]


Funny thing that this Acoustic reincarnation of the standout track should surface today, as I just posted the OG version in the Loose Joints over the weekend.

In the clip, while Oliver Daysoul vocally embellishes and soulfully strums, Oddisee delivers the steady flow in perfect sync with just as much intensity as he does on the LP version but it’s good to be able to actually see the vehemence and underlying passion behind each line. Plus the back and forth between the two during the chorus is a nice touch as well.

Just in case you still can’t keep up with the words, check the lyrics below, then head over HERE for the freebie and make sure to support GOOD music by grabbing the digi-release over HERE or get the Vinyl plus a Bonus 45 over at Fat Beats.


You were there from the start / Taught me to be aware of the sharks & prepare for the dark / You kept a secret, you practiced what you were preaching against / Your inner demons were praying I would tear apart / you won’t admit but you competed just a little a bit / I could tell cause you’d be heated over little sh*t / telling me to quit trying & get real / I got a little shine you was like big deal / I was pursuing dreams, steady doin my thing / you wasn’t doing the same you wasn’t doing a thing / from my truest to a Brutus to a Judas / to who knew that this would happen / but the fraction was brewing it seems / I should have seen, mistaking smoke for a little steam/ it turned to fire you burned me hoping to ruin me / I won’t even mention your name in the bars, it’s too close to the scars / but I’m sure n*gga you know who you are /
You were there from the start / you told me what ever I’m doing to do it from the heart / I was pursuing a dream that was cloaked in the cloth of the uncertain / making money music & art / and it wasn’t perfect / you told me what ever’s worth it is worth hurting / double edge seemingly sharp, rather unnerving / but still, you believed in a brother / I was starving as an artist, you was feeding a brother / you could see in a brother what I couldn’t see myself / when couldn’t see myself needing help/ one reason or another I was trying to do it all / there’s allot of ways to fail but that’s the fastest to the fall / but through it and after all you was with me not against / you cheered me from the bench/ and now you’re with me as I ball / and that meant, I ain’t got to mention your name in bars / you know you’re close to my heart / so I’m sure that /
You were there from the start / before you were even aware of a plan you part / of the scheme, grand as it could seem at the top / man can only go so high before you reached where we can’t breath / but you know your limitations you walk patient / while everybody starts to run for their plan B / like a fire escape, but you stay in the kitchen / let them sleep on their dreams, you just lying awake / you stay eyeing the cake, they getting greedy / and then they turn their side against you like their getting sleepy / try to prevent you cause you ain’t too what they bout / get in your mental convince you to take the way out / please, let them try, let the me fail / let them tell lies on you let them be / let them see you prevail / let them bail on their attempt to stunt a star / in any event be sure that you know who you are.

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