Naturel – Momentous [Download]

Naturel 2

While (s)trolling the innanets in the wee hours this morning, I came upon the debut LP from The Stuyvesants third member, Naturel.

Which I promptly added to my overflowing harddrive as I’d been waiting to hear more from the newcomer since peeping his delivery on that Stoops, Parks & Rooftops jawn a couple weeks back.

Naturel‘s “Momentous” release  is almost completely DIY, as he wrote the rhymes, self produced a good bit of the tracks, designed and illustrated the project as well as envisioned the entire concept.

In this day and age of the pre-packaged Emcee, complete with pre-disposed demographic and overpaid vision-less stylists, for this guy to do all of that himself deserves major kudos and is worthy of my ear time.

Hit the linkage below for the goods and make sure to peep the artwork folder too cause homie’s got serious skills with a paintbrush.

Good looks, cause THIS just became the new wallpaper for my Droid!

>> Direct Download <<

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