Nas – “You Owe Me” (ft Ginuwine) Sango Edit


Remember how much of a banger this song was when it was released back in 2000?  Well here’s a version by Michigan based (via Seattle) producer, Sango Beats.  We introduced you to Sango back in June 2012 with his mixtape “Da Rochina”.   You can still get that and read the post HERE.

Sango took a dope minimalist approach to the track and allowed the creative edits to shine.  This is not a fast bounce joint, even though you may feel so inclined from the initial listen.   This is more of a slow sultry bounce joint to which the ladies can hip-sway or body roll.  Think minimalist Bass music meets late 90’s to early 2000’s hip-hip/RnB.

Put this in your ear and catch the download as well.  Now who owes who?

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