Mental Abstrato - Christmas Time

Mental Abstrato – Christmas Time (Download)

After an odd series of coincidences, this track landed in my inbox today. First, I DJed a Christmas party, knowing I have The Vince Guaraldi Trio’s famous A Charlie Brown Christmas in my crates, only to find out I don’t. Then I went to get a haircut, my barber’s shop is in a record store (that tracks, right?), and I saw the vinyl and decided to cop it. I walked up to claim my treasure only to see it grossly overpriced. Mildly dejected, I decided maybe this wasn’t meant to be …only to be made aware of a really cool version of the popular Christmastime.

My favorite Brazilian band, Mental Abstrato, added Hip Hop drums along with other live instrumentation to help you bring your holiday season in with some bounce. Grab it below

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