Mark de Clive-Lowe – Nova Roda (Myele Manzanza Remix)

October 2nd McDL will release the remixes of his highly acclaimed CHURCH album featuring contributions from OPOLOPO, Daz-I-Kue, Atjazz & many more. Peep the first single and what fellow New Zealander Myele Manzanza had to say about it:

The original version of “Nova Roda” was quite a cool starting point to work from. As the piece starts slow and gradually builds up in tempo and intensity it means that as a remixer you have a lot of options to start from. Do I take a bit from the beginning at 90-ish BPM and go for a hip-hop thing? Maybe 100-110 bpm and go for a mellow downbeat vibe? Or go house/broken beat at 120? Also, as it’s raw material is essentially a berimbau groove and vocal chant over and over, it leaves a lot of room for interpretation as to the energy and style that you could take it in. I had maybe four different rough grooves I tried out before settling on the final one. I had just finished the Theo Parrish live tour before starting on this and a lot of the style and energy that we developed in that band ended up coming into this remix almost automatically, particularly the loose-but-tight polyrhythmic counter rhythms between the bass and chords when it really starts cooking.

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Mark de Clive-Lowe – Nova Roda (Myele Manzanza Remix)


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