Makaya McCraven, Jeff Parker, Justin ‘Justefan’ Thomas, Benjamin Shepard – RAWS:LA

RAWS is an intimate party held in a small club in Tokyo, where underground beat-heads unite. After a live performance by a jazz band which gets recorded, the beat-makers have an hour and a half to chop up the freshly recorded sample, flip it, and make a beat right there on the spot.

The vibraphone is my all-time favorite instrument. There’s something visceral about it, and when I hear those vibes, it somehow always makes me feel better. If you feel this way as well, you’re in luck. Not only is vibraphonist, Justin ‘Justefan’ Thomas all over this dope project, he’s joined by drummer and site favorite, Makaya McCraven, guitarist Jeff Parker, and bassist Benjamin Shepard to create some of the illest Jazz you’ve heard today. Trust me!
Then, the tunes created that night are flipped by 4 beatmakers ON THE SPOT! All of this magic was curated, captured and shared by the creative collective, GrownKidsRadio. Head HERE to support and enjoy

Makaya McCraven, Jeff Parker, Justin ‘Justefan’ Thomas, Benjamin Shepard – Song 5

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