Makaya McCraven – In the Moment

Before technology relieved many musicians of their jobs, albums were sculpted through numerous practices at a bandleader’s home or inspired by improvisations during shows on the road. These germs would be taken to the studio and over the course of numerous sessions forged together to create an album. Hardware was used for overdubs and edits, of course, but they did not replace the artist who worked hard to master his instrument. Nowadays, replacing musicians with MIDI is commonplace. Incredible drummer Makaya McCraven returns to the age old process of birthing and recording an album with new release In the Moment. Taken from 48 hours of live improvised performance, the album has been “culled, cut, rendered and remixed into 19 potent pieces of organic beat music.” Enjoy this fantastic piece of work on vinyl, CD or mp3

[bandcamp track=181917841 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=000000 size=grande]

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