Liberation Time!

Yesterday I got my hands on the new Badu cut, The Healer. I must admit, initially I wasnt (read: am not ) moved by her first single, Honey. The Healer, though, is the anti-commercial single that i was looking for, AND IT DOESNT DISAPPOINT. Produced by Madlib, it has that underwater esoteric vibe that you’ve come to expect from Ms. Badu who’s sounded the clarion call, “We’ve ben programmed. Wake Up!” Speaking about Hip-Hop and giving a nod to Dilla (R.I.P.), this one will get heavy spins in the whip!
There’s one more person I want you to check out, Coultrain. This brother hails from Brooklyn and I was first introduced to him at The Soul Summit in Atlanta 2007. I knew then that this brother had a great style and that great things were headed his way. I discovered later that year that this brother was going to be the featured vocalist on the next Platinum Pied Pipers project, which was one of my favorite albums from 2005. Last week, while visiting my midwest opium den, Dusty Groove I discovered that his album was released and available for just 6.99. It arrived in the mail today and once again: NOT DISAPPOINTED. Produced entirely by Kenautis Smith, and written and arranged by Coultrain, The Adventures of Seymour Liberty sounds like a trip back to a time when you purchased albums instead of compact discs. Just check out “Lilac Tree” which ends like something out of a Maurice White and Phillip Bailey (Earth Wind and Fire)wet dream. There’s also an element that reminds me of some of Leon Ware or Charles Stepney’s (who actually died during the recording of EWF’s Spirit album) best production. Coultrain’s voice is reminiscent of Marvin Gaye on “Playin’ Catch Up” and is one of those voices thats distinct to the point where once he’s given his shot, you won’t soon forget him. As Guru said, It’s mostly the voice, but this brother also has the lyrical content to keep even the biggest incense burner pleased. You can also purchase The Adventures of Seymour Liberty from Coultrain’s myspace page. My personal favorite is Green, it touched me when i saw him perform it live and it’s even more potent on the disc. Get Liberated!
Coultrain – Green
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