Leroy Hutson – Anthology: 1972-1984

If you don’t know who Leroy Hutson is, I’m almost certain, especially if you’re reading this here, you’ve at least heard his songs sampled somewhere before. Badu’s No Love from classic, 1997 album Baduizm contains samples of Lucky Fellow and I’m still unable to hear Hutson’s Cool Out without automatically singing Coultrain’s Lilac Tree.  Don’t get me started on Hip hop; He’s been sampled by everyone from Nas to Young Jeezy. Hutson was Curtis Mayfield’s replacement in the Impressions, and released albums on Mayfield’s Curtom Records. He was also a friend of Donny Hathaway’s and co-wrote The Ghetto. All these accolades aside, he’s responsible for some of the sweetest soul you’ve ever heard and a portion of it is contained on his recently released anthology which compiles material from 1972-1984. Get familiar then get to crate diggin

Leroy Hutson – Love the Feeling

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