Anthony David - ? (Unreleased)

Late Pass #51: Anthony David – ? (Unreleased)

Right before The Red Clay Chronicles album was released (2005/2006), it seemed that A.D. was always in Birmingham and we were doing gigs together. One day he slid me a disc that included songs that would be on his upcoming disc. Naturally, I was elated because Birmingham is an Anthony David town and I would be able to break his new tunes on my radio show. There was one tune that stood out though, using the Blind Alley sample, that just had an overwhelming appeal to it and I knew it would be a banger upon the albums release.
I had the opportunity to ask Anthony what the name of track was once, during an interview I believe, and he didn’t have a name for it. Needless to say, for whatever reason, the song was never released, but still remains one of my favorites.
His new album drops next month and from the looks of the artwork, as seen above, it’s going to be another great one. Enjoy!

Anthony David – ? (Unreleased)

Anthony sez,
“RUN RUN RUN… or CLICK CLICK CLICK I should say, : RIGHT HERE to itunes and get your copy of 4EVERMORE, the first single from my upcoming album AS ABOVE, SO BELOW, coming Mar 22nd (I know, I know, no more pushbacks… I PROMISE)
And if ya haven’t already, go HERE and cop THE SETUP-ANTHONY DAVID UNPLUGGED. You can get a glimpse of tunes from the new album, broken down to their very last compound. It’s awesome if I say so myself…. ahem.”

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