Late Pass #31: Anthony David – Yes (Salah Ananse Remix)

It was 2004 when Anthony David unleashed 3 Chords and the Truth on a largely unsuspecting public. We hit fast forward to find Acey Duecy as a soul music favorite who unfortunately hasn’t releaseed anything new since The Red Clay Chronicles (2006). I was listening to an old mix of mine and found a tune that was in my heavy rotation at the time, but had become forgotten about: Yes (Salah Ananse Remix). It was the B-side to Spittin’ Game from 3 Chords and just had a really great vibe for the martini lounge I was spinning at during that time. If you’ve never heard it before, Enjoy because Salah definitely did his thing with this!

Anthony David – Yes (Salah Ananse Remix) (Download)

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