Kaytronik – Thee Album

In roughly 2 weeks Kris Klayton aka Karizma will release debut LP, Thee Album from alias #2, Kaytronik. This could be listened to academically, to study each facet of House and Hip Hop he presents, but it’s more of a physical education aid because you’ll be motivated to move for 85% of the album. House, in all of its multifaceted forms, is the predominant genre on the album, which is to be expected, but there’s clearly an undeniable Hip Hop influence here.
Throughout the album, Kaytronik places these wonderful, instrumental Hip Hop beats, almost like cool downs for those working out to the upbeat onslaught of the 4 on the floor. I thought I was overdosing on Dilla month when I noted “The Drum Master’s” influence on Do It, but when I heard Jay Dee’s vocals from Platinum Pied Pipers’ Shotgun on I Say, I knew I was correct. These “cool downs” display not only his ability to craft beats that will break your neck, but his overall ability to make wonderful music for different crowds.
Things slow down only twice on the 17 track project, on Quiet Place in my Mind Part 1 which is a 43 second loop of melodies over a breakbeat panning from one side to the other and Quiet Place in my Mind Part 2. Part 2 has a Soul Hop feel, potentially inspired by Voodoo/Like Water for Chocolate era Dilla that will compel you to press repeat to remain enveloped in its 2:15 wonderfulness. Even if you are a House music junkie and don’t want the tempo to decrease, you won’t be disappointed with these escapes, trust me. Thee album is another flag that will be planted to firmly cement Kris’ place as a musical tour de force

Kaytronik – Quiet Places In My Head Part 2

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