Kanye West – I Love Kanye (Hezekiah Mix)

I’m really enjoying how there is so much conversation around music nowadays. Whether we’re professing our love for Black Messiah, discussing 2015’s polarizing To Pimp a Butterfly, or any other works I’m just glad the dialogue is there. The newest entry into the conversation is Kanye’s latest release, The Life of Pablo which is equally as polarizing as Kendrick’s album but not for the same reasons. I feel everyone is waiting for Kanye to revert to the Through the Wire/ College Dropout Ye’ but logic, where it can be applied, shows this is not going to happen. I actually enjoy the album, potentially because I listened with no expectations, but also because it sounds good…to me. For those looking for 2000 Kanye, Philadelphia’s Hezekiah murdered a beat and subjected Kanye’s humorous acapella ode to himself to its gory aftermath. Hezekiah “chopped up the soul,” Jocelyn Brown to be exact, and created a banger that’s sure to make anyone’s inner back packer extremely happy.

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