Jeedeci – Freekin U (Benji B Edit) [Download] + Love U For Life

I fell into a Jodeci mood a few months back and played nothing but their albums continuously, marveling at how influential their sound has been on the music from their time to present. I’ve heard they are working on an album with Devante’s protege Timbaland at the helm and I can only wonder if it will be as groundbreaking as their past work. Enter Detroit’s Waajeed and his 3 installment Jeedeci series! Under this guise he’ll be working his unique brand of Detroit funk on Jodeci cult classics, beginning with the FREE Freekin U edit, immediately followed by Love u For Life next month on 7″. Dont expect the VA funk from the 90s in Jeed’s hands, he propels you promptly into the future while doing something inappropriate with percussion, synths and guitar on the 1st 2 releases.

Jeedeci – Freekin U (Benji B Edit)

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