Inkswel – Unity 4 Utopia

Once upon a time, before the sound of Hip Hop was formalized by the late, great Larry Smith and legendary producer Marley Marl, the music was defined by the DJs and was as varied as the sounds in their crates. Without the “concern” of trying to play Hip Hop music, a DJ’s set could contain anything from rock to disco, weaved together expertly with the intent of keeping the atmosphere conducive for socializing and the dancefloor filled. Enter producer/label head/B-Boy Inkwel and his latest album, Unity 4 Utopia, a conjunction of genres and collaborations to create one cohesive sound. Guests Mark de Clive Lowe, Recloose, Steve Spacek, Colonel Red among others act as sonic sous chefs providing their special individual, ingredient in Inkswel’s audio gumbo of funky beats, and futuristic disco to create a fantastic album that will take you back to when we listened to and created music with no bias. This sentiment is best stated on The Heat where the speaker shares,
“It ain’t about Hip Hop, or House music, Techno, or Beats, or Funk or Disco. It’s about good music. This is soul music from the heart. Soul music from my heart!”
We hear you and need more producers to free themselves from genre restraints and just create. Grab U4U HERE and enjoy!

Inkswel – Outerspace Connection feat. Spacek & Harvey Sutherland

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