Helsinki Headnod Convention – Sorrow And Pain (Video)

The present racial climate in the United States is a veritable powder-keg. Being from the South, I’ve always been acutely aware of racism and felt the stranglehold of its tentacles. However, Black bodies in community spaces everywhere are now being subjected to near Jim Crow levels of aggression. So much so, even those across the pond feel the duty to expose this despicable treatment with the purpose of ending this evil trend.

Finland’s Helsinki Headnod Convention released their debut album Eargasms For Short Sighted Post Truth Era People (purchase) in March and new single, Sorrow and Pain contains vocals so visceral it eats at the depth of you. At just shy of 2 minutes, with a Paul Robeson-esque bass, Sorrow & pain rests somewhere between gospel and negro spiritual but is as incendiary as any Civil Rights Protest anthem. Peep the video, ask yourself where you stand in the present dynamic, and find a way to prevent this rampant bigotry from spreading. Sorrow & Pain indeed

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