Gallant – Learn To Fly (Foo Fighters Cover)

When an artist covers a song of an artist they appreciate, it is often awe-inspiring as their appreciation of the song’s intent rings true or the intention they derived from it becomes apparent in how they cover the track. Covers are always an interesting foray for any artist to venture off into, as appreciation of a song can lead them into interesting avenues that they would have never gone down in the first place, which includes doing original takes on songs from artists of other genres. This is especially true for Gallant who covers a song by the Foo Fighters. I am not a fan of the band, not that my musical palette, does not include other genres, but their music never pulled me in a way that I would even know any of their songs if it came on the radio. So when I heard this song, I had no idea this was a cover, as this brother covers in such a way that makes you forget that it was a cover in the first place. I ended up listening to the original, just for comparison, and overall, I must admit I was biased to Gallant’s version, as the feelings he emotes with the lyrics can clearly be felt against the sonic background his producer provides. This was a brave choice for this young gun and one that shows his range as an artist, definitely worth a listen.

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