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Anytime I can get the chance to interview/chat/interrogate one of my all-time favorite artists, I jump on it. The latest subject of my quizmaster type questioning was San Diego’s own Freddie Joachim. Joachim is an instrumentalist/producer/DJ that has been at it for nearly a decade now. He has worked with artists such as Miles Bonny, Carlitta Durand, Blu, Evil Needle, and many others. A master of his craft and a musical workhorse, Joachim has churned out countless tracks over the years while at the same time, starting up the Mellow Orange record label with friend/business partner Yusai. I got the chance to pick his brain, and the following is the end result:

1. Your sound has grown immensely from when I first heard you, would you say it has changed or would you say it has developed into what you intended it to be?
I never really know what sound I want to define me, so I’ll experiment with stuff. I just like taking certain aspects that i like of different styles and combining them into what works well for me, taking stuff from the old and the new. I don’t really worry about what’s popular or hot at the moment. I just create what I enjoy.
2. It is creeping up on a year since you dropped Fiberglass Kisses and the album is still drawing listeners. Are you happy with the way it turned out?
I’d say all my releases exceed my expectations as far as the response from fans and listeners. They always say the greatest things. Of course, i’m my own worst critic, so there’s always a handful of things i think i should’ve have done differently with every album. But overall FK was a fun and different album to put together, and overall i’m happy with the end result.
3. I heard on one of your radio interviews that In With Time really burned your skillets as far as trying to manage the project and work with other artists. Did Fiberglass Kisses alleviate any of that?
It could’ve have been the fact that In With Time was my first official album, so I wasn’t completely prepared dealing with the pressure of finishing an album. There were a handful of factors that contributed to the “stress” of that album. ha. but don’t get me wrong, it was an awesome album to put together. When it came time to work on FK, I was already a few years seasoned in the process of completing albums, so I already knew what to expect, and that helped me manage a lot of things more efficiently.
4. You recently collaborated with Evil Needle on his album Qualia. Any possibilities of working with any other producers?
yeah of course. I like collaborating with any artists that i can vibe with.
5. Kendrick Lamar has been stirring up a lot of emotions lately. With that being said. Who shot first Han Solo or Greedo?
If we’re talking star wars, the original. Han shot first. in the remastered, Greedo. but who cares. Greedo’s dead in both. haha

If we’re talking about that Kendrick verse on Control, then people are dumb. ha.
He was just stating he was gunning for top spot. No one got dissed in that verse.

6. You run a label called Mellow Orange along with Yusai and Question. Do you manage their releases? if so how does that new aspect affect your creative process?
Myself and Yusai are constantly working on Mellow Orange. From releases to shows, and everything in between. And Question handles most design aspects of the brand. We’re a small, but very handsome team. haha.

Mellow Orange encompasses a big part of who I am as an artist. So as an artist, the creative process hasn’t changed much. So when you hear my music, you can say, “That’s Freddie Joachim. That’s Mellow Orange.”
7. Mellow Orange is putting out projects from Ohmega Watts and Ozay Moore (aka Othello), any plans to put out a Braille album? Surely you gotta catch ‘em all.
like Pokemon? ha. On the real, we’re all friends. Braille, along with other artists, run the label, Humble Beast. It’s really good to see other indie labels do their thing, especially when it’s run by friends. We want everyone to succeed, because we’re in this all together.
8. Your music is featured in tons of commercials and ads for big name companies. Have you (would you) ever compose music for feature length film?
Yeah i’d love to if the opportunity arises. I think i’d be really good at gathering music for a film.
9. I am always blown away by your remixes; do you have a different approach to those in comparison to your original projects?
I just produce remixes here and there. Some work well, while others get trashed. And after a period of a few months, I just compile all those misc remixes for a free download for everyone. I never set out to remix, it just happens.
10. There is a track on YouTube that is you playing the guitar sans drums and anything else. Would you ever harness the spirit of Eric Clapton and put out a pure acoustic guitar album? (
I pick up the guitar every once in a while. And every blue moon, i’ll record a song. Gray was one of those songs. I just like making up a bunch of stuff, from the chords i actually know how to play.
11. It is no secret that you are an accomplished wizard. Do you cast runes, or do you find that it is an antiquated way of foretelling future events?
Sometimes I’ll look to the stars and beyond. Other times, it’s all ‘ones and zeros.’ I just try to balance everything.
12. Any last words? promotions?
peace and thanks to all our listeners for the continued love. big peace and thanks to BamaLoveSoul for the interview, and the non-stopped support. Keep updated with all of us at Mellow Orange for upcoming events and releases. Follow all of us on our social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr. etc.

thanks again!

Submotion Orchestra – All Yours (Freddie Joachim Remix deux)

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