DJ Rasta Root – The Best of A Tribe Called Quest Vol. 1 (Download)

I remember when this dropped back in ’05 and it still sounds good to this day. It may sound better to some because now it is completely FREE! DJ Rasta Roots is providing the link to the full as well as tracked version HERE.
It’s been interesting to read the comments/feedback on the Tribe documentary, especially thoughts regarding Phife and his contributions to the group, plus the absence of info on the last 2 albums and the introduction of Cons and Dilla into the group. What are your thoughts?

001 Atcq Live In Nashville
002 Clap Your Hands
003 Booty
004 One Two Shit
005 Oh My God
006 Posdnuos On Meeting Atcq
007 Red Alert On Atcq
008 Sucka Nigga
009 Butter
010 Verses Of The Abstract
011 His Name Is Mutty Ranx
012 Phife On Bob Power
013 Skeff On Everything Is Fair
014 Vibes And Stuff
015 Hot 4 U
016 Get A Hold
017 Baby Phife’s Return
018 Jarobi On Tribe’s Impact
019 Large Professor On Buggin’ Out
020 Buggin’ Out A Tribe Called Quest
021 Steve Biko (Stir It Up)
022 Find A Way
023 The Chase Pt. 2
024 Phife On Mass Appeal
025 Phife On Atcq Family W/ Lord Sear On Shade 45 Sirius
026 Lyrics To Go
027 Excursions
028 Can I Kick It?
029 Everything Is Fair
030 Posdnuos On Scenario
031 Bob Power On Scenario
032 Scenario (Remix)
033 Footprints
034 Electric Relaxation
035 Tribe Radio Freestyle ’96
036 Phife Epiloque
037 Roots Gives Thanks

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