DJ Rahdu – Shop Music 001: Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop Instrumental Mix

One of the most amazing stores I’ve ever visited was The Blue Marlin, a boutique sneaker store in Rome, Italy. Everything about the store was couture including the music, which the owner and I discussed although there was a small language barrier. I’ve often fantasized what the music will sound like when I own my store and decided it would sound something like this, at least weekly.
After creating and enjoying, I decided it would be cool to pass this mix along to shop owners to play in their shops as well as to patrons to enjoy while perusing wares. This comes right on time as the holiday season is upon us
Shop Music is a 1 hour mix of jazz, funk and hip hop instrumentals from DJ Quik to Tall Black Guy. Enjoy, play in your shop, add to your mp3 player, and listen responsibly.

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