DJ Babu – Konichiwa B!tches (Mix)

Warning: This mix snippet is highly addictive and will cause you to run and purchase this mix! After 2 minutes of listening I went to Mochilla’s siteand offered up my cash for DJ Babu’s expert blend of Japanese funk…and you will to if you press play!
“Several months ago my friends B+ and EC hit me up about doing a mixtape consisting of Japanese records. B, E and myself had all been on ridiculous digging missions together before and they had known that I had lost my mind in japan a couple times copping Japanese joints…so this idea made perfect sense. For me as a digger, I have always tried to take advantage of being able to travel and discover new music and japan was definetly a digger’s paradise in the late ninties…Japanese collectors had scoured the world for illies and brought them all back to shibuya…so the first couple times in japan I actually was buying anything but Japanese records…but as time moved on and diggers continued to rape and pillage shibuya I realized I had been sleeping on japans native music, so the last few times I went to japan I made it a point to look for Japanese music only…and what I found was some incredible shit…this mix contains a lot of tv and movie soundtracks and scores, studio background music, amine soundtracks, funk, pop, rock & soul with the common thread being dope funky music! I hope u enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed putting this together!”
-DJ Babu

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