Cookin’ Soul – Juicy Xmas (Biggie Smalls x Donny Hathaway Blend) [Download]


Everyone likes a good blend and when done properly, the end result is always a win-win.

Biggie lyrics that even if you were in a persistent vegetative state, you could still be able to repeat verbatim, over an uber familiar Hathaway tune that some people had never heard until Jamie Foxx sang it on “In Living Color“. Add the consistent chopping/blending prowess of Cookin’ Soul to the mix, use X-mas as the theme and it’s really hard to top it.

Juicy Xmas

I’m trying hard not to be Scrooge McGrinch this year (not really working so far), so hopefully this track and a few other songs on the project will help me out. Grab the freebie HERE and enjoy the rest of the season.

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