(Compilation) The Ipod Chronicles 002: As The Itunes Shuffles

Mos Def – If you Can Huh You Can Hear
Grimy, Still Hungry Mos Def. One of the best lesser known songs in his catalog.
Lucy Pearl – La (Untitled)
I had completely forgotten about this song and this group. Why cant supergroups remain together? This question also pertains to the groups from which THIS group was created.
DJ Cid – All of My Life
Cool Instrumental. Don’t recall where I got this from. It’s got me nodding my head though.
The High & Mighty featuring Mos Def; Mad Skillz
Home Field Advantage wasn’t a bad album and came out when Rawkus was still da isht! Mad Skillz sounds like he wasnt getting those ghostwriting checks on this one. He just doesnt flow as hard anymore. What magic beans have they sold him?
James Brown – Hot Pants Road
Little known fact that James played the organ and he takes you to church on this one
De La Soul; Butta Verses – No
Arent we overdue for a new De La Soul album? Pos? Dave? Maseo? Whats up? Get at me!
My statement about supergroups thankfully doesnt apply to this trio.
Group Home – Supa Star Instrumental
I saw this video on Rap City back in the day and lost it. Primo ripped this beat! Why couldnt I find this album for years?
Noni Limar – Monogamy
You may have heard her on Replife or C.R.A.C. Knuckles album. This track is dope. i cant wait to hear more from her.
Musiq Soulchild – So Beautiful
Thanks Itunes for shuffling here. I had forgotten that I had this album. There were only 3-4 songs I liked on this album and this is definitely one of them. What voice effect is Musiq using on the chorus. It’s almost scary. Dag, how did i miss that on my review of the album.
DJ Tonk; Othello – Reform (King Most Remix)
loving the vibes on this one
Frank N Dank; Phat Kat – Me and My Man
Dilla on the beat! Thanks Itunes for the instrumental, I cant always deal with Frank and Dank
Jake One – Great Sound
White Van Music was one of my favorite albums of 2008.
Fat Joe – Jealousy
I got this one from an mp3 servicing website. Is this on an album? The name he drops at the top of the song, Ski, is responsible for some of the illest songs in Hip Hop.
The Herbaliser – End Credits
Another dope one I slept on. Thanks Itunes for the NoDoz
Slum Village – Jealousy
This is uncanny, Itunes. Fat Joe and then S.V.’s version as well!
Prince Ali; Louisville Sluggah – Grew Up
Dope! You’ll begin to see a pattern in the Ipod Chronicles. Basically That I #1 get and have too much music and #2 that I miss some really great stuff. I’m gonna add his album I Miss 1994 to my Ipod now so I can check it out.
Median – Visionary
See IpodChron Pattern #2
Digable Planets – 9th Wonder (Blackitolism) Sam Napier Mix
Question about supergroups definitely applies here. There body of work speaks for itself and they were so fly. I got to see them perform live and took a pic with Ish, and bought a shirt that all members signed wit marker…and the ink has faded so it just looks like blurs now but I know…I KNOW, lol
Lowell Fulsom – Tramp
I love this, I guess Hurby did too!
People Under The Stairs – Give Love A Chance
IpodChron Pattern # 1&2. How did I miss this one? PUTS is one of my favorite groups AND they used the infamous Don Blackman sample. *sighs* Thanks Itunes! Has anyone made a dud with this sample, like forreal?
Kashif – Baby Don’t Break Your Baby’s Heart
I have to thank Sir Laurence for turning me on to Kashif. Thanks again! This is a groover.

BONUS: Fededsm – I Love Bob
My man hit me up on Facebook from Italy. This was one of my favorites because it reminded me of my old DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince cassettes. You can check him out here

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