In just 2 weeks, longtime BamaLoveSoul favorite Cecilia Stalin will release the followup to 2015’s The Story of Love. The Love EP is a 6 track thematic release dedicated to the twists and turns of love over a fantastic soundbed. Powered by collaborations with producers Drew Beats, Troy Broadcite, Andre Yancey and BamaLoveSoul collaborator Sam Champ, The Love EP is a pleasant surprise showcasing Stalin’s wonderful voice over delicious Soul Hop beats and not the Jazz we’re accustomed to. This isn’t the first time she’s flipped the script, though; Remember we first heard her soaring over Koop’s supremely chill sound scape. Just 2 weeks into the New Year, I think I’ve found a strong contender for album of the year! PreOrder HERE, get You Are now and prepare to fall in love with delicious sounds from your speakers Feb 1!

Cecilia joins DJ Rahdu on The Diamond Soul XXXperience tonight so look forward to hearing her share more info on The Love EP and more! Subscribe to the DSXXX on iTunes to make sure you don’t miss an episode!