Buzzworthy: Odd Future

Wow. Never thought I’d be saying this but the future generation has hope AFTER ALL but it’s going to be a little ODD.  While this is not your traditional soulful post BLS is known for, we’re universal and open-minded. Odd Future Wolfgang Kill Them All (yes! that is the FULL name of the group) according to Billboard is “a Los Angeles-based collective of rappers, producers, skateboarders, filmmakers, designers and general miscreants, all in their late teens and early 20s.” I find it so refreshing to see a group of kids that are talented come together and do something that is extraordinary, awesome, creative, and scary all at once. I found out about them recently through my good friend Anthony (@tony3k) Scott. This is the first glimpse of what I heard from them. The group member, Tyler the Creator, released this video for his song “Yonkers”. A lot like how I felt with most of the Wu-Tang Clan members, not sure what he is speaking of, however, I was please. The song is very dark just as much as the imagery. I would say,don’t eat before you watch it but the song is pretty dope in my opinion.  Check it out!  (Parental Advisory/May Be Offensive)

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