BLS iPod: Phonte’s Best Verses (Compilation)

Sean Deez of Kevin Nottingham’s This is Hip Hop compiled this list of Phonte’s 15 best verses. Go HERE to see the reasons why he selected these 15 and also see which Phontiggalo blessed tracks were given honorable mention. What are your favorite Phonte verses/songs?

15. The Justus League – Tour of Duty
14. Little Brother; Darien Brockington – Slow it Down
13. Little Brother – Feelin’ Alright
12. Little Brother; Supastition – Feelin’ Alright
11. The Foreign Exchange – Brave New World
10. Little Brother – Whatever You Say
9. Little Brother – Not Enough w/Darien Brockington & Speed
8. Little Brother – Watch Me
7. Little Brother; Chaundon – We Got Now
6. Little Brother – Hold On
5. Little Brother – The Listening
4. Cunninlynguists; Phonte; Witchdoctor – Yellow Lines
3. Little Brother – Dreams
2. Little Brother – Next day
1. Little Brother; L.E.G.AC.Y.; Chaundon – Boondock Saints

Phonte’s Best Verses
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MORE: This was compiled before Leave It All Behind was released.

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