Billa Qause – Rest In Beats

All beat tapes were not created equally. I’m sure we can agree on that. Some just have longer shelf lives than others, right? Enter Athens, Greece producer Billa Qause and his 2015 flip of soul and jazz tracks, Rest in Beats. I can’t tell you how I discovered the album, but I can tell you this album helped restore my ability to press play when I receive a beat tape in the inbox. I’m unsure if his real name is Billa (I doubt it), but I’m definitely sure he’s inspired by Dilla. Like the too-soon-departed beatsmith, Billa has the ear to flip heavily sampled tracks but keep your head nodding because he’s doing something new with them. Whether it’s jazz guitar or Stevie flips, this brother has it. Only question is, “Where’s that new isht!?”

Billa Qause – Dizzy Bee

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