BassHeadJazz – Side’aGrits EP

BassHeadJazz - Sidea'Grits EP

Side’aGrits is an 8 track, 21 minute megablast of dense content and dope beats that will have you pressing repeat for another hit as soon as the album ends. At first listen, many will feel compelled to compare the crew of Sidney Vadale, See’J Foster, & Ottie James, to their regional relatives Outkast & Goodie Mob, partly because their name, BassHeadJazz, is taken from a Cee-Lo Green tune coupled with the usage of SpottieOttieDopaliscious as a sample on Brand New, but largely because their work is so Supremely Southern. However, another less commercially acclaimed Dungeon Family member, Witchdoctor, shares more in common with the trio. Whereas, ‘Kast and Goodie Mob’s aesthetic were largely urban, Witchdoctor took you beyond the concrete to the bare red clay with a feel that was rural, indigenous even, with a splash of mysticism that made him seem wiser than his 22 years on his 1997 debut, A S.W.A.T. Healin’ Ritual. Side’aGrits is cut from that same mold.

BassHeadJazz’ debut EP is an unhindered, quick peek into the funky, funky mind of its members, anchored by hypnotic flows and catchy choruses. Themes of getting money, existentialism, spirituality and reinventing one’s self all get placed in a pot of super tasty gumbo and stirred up by the stellar production of Robot.Haus & MacBassick. BHJ’s See’J Foster is also a member of the Robot.Haus production collective which certainly accounts for the superb synchronization of lyrics and beats. If you’re looking for the resurrection of Hip Hop, look no further than where critics claim it it went to die: The South. They’ll eat crow when they hear this, with a delicious, bite sized Side’aGrits.

Peep the album HERE

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