B-Rhymin – Ups And Downs, Love As Sounds

I like when you hear music from an artist that’s strong enough to be on the “up and coming players list.” Sure, there are lots of names for these artists like rising stars, sensations, young talents, etc. But you get my drift. They’re good, and they’re on the move. Upward, and with boldness and speed. B-Rhymin is on such a list somewhere, and probably many. His upcoming EP, “Ups And Downs, Love As Sounds” tells you all you need to know about why that’s the case.

B-Rhymin is a highly skilled rapper with artistry, and a writer who understands how to combine elements to create new freshness. Take the tried and true of great hip hop beats, and merge them with jazz that’s mixed in a brilliant way. Add a rap style that flows clean with conversational, and poetic prose for the ladies, about the ladies, and about love, and you’ll get what’s happening on this CD. I especially liked the guitar line with a piece of “Misty” in it, and the extremely deep jazz chords on “Love, the Double-Edged Sword”.

“Every Time I Think About You” has strong cross over potential, and I’d love to hear a remix on that one, as I think it could really be hot. There’s actual singing on the hook of this song. B is wearing all the hats on this project. Ending the EP with an Outro is a nice touch, with a ‘70’s Bobby Humphrey, Norman Connors style mellow soul jazz vocal with sax and flute,”Let’s Enjoy The Sunset”. Brilliant! By the way, check out B-Rhymin with Louis Armstrong’s “Mack the Knife” on “Tell Em”… very cool.

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