Algebra Blessett – “Recovery” (Album Review)

Our first teaser for this much anticipated album from Algebra was “Nobody But You”, a catchy profession of faithfulness and sentiments from a one-man woman, where we are blessed with Blessett’s strong vocal talents as she aptly and easily cuts octaves over the playful piano based track.
Released today, it has been six years since her last album, Purpose (Released 2008) and Recovery is a wonderful compilation of songs that voices thoughts and emotional experiences of today’s woman (and) man.  Penning every song on the album, Algebra gives us varied aspects of the concept of recovery as a journey.  Collaborating with fellow singers and songwriters like Kwamé Holland, Shannon Sanders, LTMoe, Q. Parker & Eric Roberson and others, added to the beauty of the imagery and creativity of each song.  The familiar production touches from famed Kwamé Holland, Erro, Bryan Michael Cox and Brett Baker further solidifies Recovery as banging re-entry of a vocal talent we’ve been missing since 2008 even with her teaser appearances with Anthony David on “4evermore” and on “Black Gold” with Esperanza Spalding.  Recovery boasts vivid dramatic imagery in songs like “Struggle to Be” and “Danger Zone”; while “Paper Heart” is a beautifully written soliloquy about apprehension, vulnerability and overcoming past (familiar) heartache.  Blessett has certainly matured wonderfully in between albums as most of her fans have over the past six years of life.  This lends to the relatability of the record.  Another refreshing plus is the absence of any expletives, making Recovery radio and family-friendly.

Now for the question most ask… Skippability!  “How many tracks are rotation worthy?”  Well… the 14-track album only has two interludes (personally I skip those).  However after several listens of the album sequentially, AND in shuffle mode, I’ve settled on 2 skippable songs and a possible (like spades).  A tad more balance of the happiness that may derive from concept of “recovery” would have made this album a posterizing as Blessett breaks the hiatus and the dreaded sophomore blues.  With that said, allow me to introduce our BLS Heart Monitoring System! Out of 5 BLS Hearts, “Recovery” gets 4 BLS Hearts.


Classy, vivid writing, strong vocals and great production.

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