Zaki Ibrahim – Every Opposite (Album Review)

I think you’ll hear the same thing I do when you start to play Zaki Ibrahim’s new release, “Every Opposite”. This album is not about precision, but flavor, and may I be the first to say that it is spiced quite nicely. The Electronica style music is cool,  her voice flows like an instrument with the sounds, and her tone is smooth and mellow. The lyrics she sings on the first cut, “Draw The Line”, are words of power: “I’ll find my way, I draw the line.” All the cuts show strong creativity on the part of the production, and Zaki is impressive over any kind of beat. The Electronica is tight but not robotic, the hip hop beats have a simple rawness to them, and the fender Rhodes pattern is hypnotic. The Electronica was cut in clever ways on “Everything”.  This song has massive bass, and Zaki brings it on strong with the vocals. Her harmonies are tremendous, weaving, and beautiful. There’s an epic sonic thing going on here, and it’s very cool.

“Flux Capacitor” has a brilliant guitar intro,  and “The Do” is amazing with a wide range of interesting atypical sounds like the soft bell tones of the celeste, plucked Japanese Koto, and a string quartet. This is a haunting song, and the change up with huge analog keyboard and drums is right on the money. Zaki is a great vocalist, and this CD is unforgettable. None of the 14 cuts will be predictable on “Every Opposite”, but you’ll find them all to be nice. Even if  Electronica is not your thing, chances are you’ll enjoy the album anyway because of its many distinctive qualities and characteristics. Nobody was asleep on the job with this project.

Zaki is part of a new generation of soulful female vocalists, like Kendra Morris, and Robin McKelle. Tomorrow’s looking pretty bright right now.

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Posted by DJRahdu

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    big fan!