Yasiin Bey x The Preservation Present: The REcstatic [Album Review]

There is something that feels retroactive in the sound of Yasiin Bey’s "REcstatic".

There is something that feels retroactive in the sound of Yasiin Bey’s “REcstatic“, which is a remix of his fourth album 2009’s The Ecstatic.

Preservation, Bey’s in house DJ and producer is the culprit behind this retelling. He adds a level of musical cohesion that the 2009 release did not have.  The REcstatic has a very strong musically streamlined narrative that flows from one song to the next building a strong repertoire.  Preservation knows how to highlight Bey’s enriching lyrical delivery by creating beats that complement his jazzy vocal coolness. As always, Bey has a poetic social commentary that colors his subject matter.

Pistola” feels like one of those hip hop tracks coming from the east coast in the early 90’s. “Life in Marvelous Times” comes with a funky gritty groove that is carried by a mean bass and drum kick, it feels like an anthem of inspiration. I must say that the original “Roses” featuring Georgia Anne Muldrow is a much better version and can’t be contested.  “Black Fantastic” (prod. by Minnesota) replaces “Casa Bey” which takes on a more simple laid back vibe. Preservation serves us a stripped down soulful rendition of “History” feat. Talib Kweli, originally produced by Dilla.

The REcstatic is worth having in your music collection.  It is musically sound and consistent. Overall, I think I actually may like it better than The Ecstatic.

Grab a copy of this new reincarnation of Yasiin Bey’s last full length HERE, courtesy of  Mon Dieu Music.

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Posted by Mekeva M.

  • Johnny5

    This project is a mess. All he basically did was rework the samples of the other beats.. and often times they aren’t as clean as the originals. Dilla’s History beat was just a slap in the face to me

  • Mekeva M.

    I don’t think it’s a mess. When I play the first track I can actually listen all the way through. I think it’s cool to hear someone’s creative approach at reworking the samples of the beats from the original album. It shows respect for the original producers and is unique to the individual’s creative expression.

  • JS

    I agree with Mekeva M. I know the Ecstatic album inside out and I can definitely dig this version as well.