Word Is Bond – The Magic Number (Compilation)

BamaLoveSoul will reach 5 years in 2013 and we’ve seen many blogs/sites come and go. We feel it is important to recognize the longevity of our contemporaries, especially when they provide a consistent service like international Hip Hop site Word is Bond.  WIB has reached 3 years in the game and to celebrate they’ve compiled some of their favorite tracks of this year. If you’re like me and complain about being unable to listen to a full album or want to find new Hip Hop artists to listen to, this is for you! Please support these cats by dropping $3 for this comp HERE or by visiting their site. It’s a win/win regardless. Congrats WIB!

[wp_bandcamp_player type=”album” id=”525952876″ size=”grande” bg_color=”#FFFFFF” link_color=”9E8E50″]

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Posted by DJRahdu

  • Thanks for the love Rahdu, you know already we are big fans of BamaLove soul and have been readers and supporters since our inception.
    We highly appreciate the love man. Much respect to all the grind and longevity you guys have achieved.
    This blogging world is hard work and we admire the grind.

    Peace and Blessings.