Warren Xclnce – Examine Me Ft. Etta Bond (Original Version) | On Deck Bonus #2

We’ve been admiring Warren’s work since we began exposing music on the site, so when we decided to do the compilation it seemed only right to reach out to him for a submission. He sent the erotically beautiful and jazzy Examine Me! Needless to say our minds were blown, but during further discussion it was revealed that this would be released on his compilation before On Deck’s release date.
We wanted to release a compilation of only new and unreleased tunes so we had to decline. I saw a remix of Examine Me (listen) pop up and figured the deed had been done. Only yesterday I found out that his compilation has not been released yet (!!!!!!), however he has allowed us to use this as a bonus. Grab this from our Bandcamp page and enjoy!

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Posted by DJRahdu