Vinyl? Check! #44: Today Tomorrow Forever

Gene Chandler’s 1978 album, Get Down has somewhat of a misleading title. The title track does make you do just that “baby bubba,” but the album is comprised mainly of sweet ballads like Please Sunrise (a favorite). Maybe the title isn’t speaking about dancing…and the shoes we see on the cover are the ones that get discarded while other articles of clothing are being removed.

There’s more gems here, but another one of my favorites is Tomorrow I May Not Feel the Same, the final song on the A side. Telling your lover that they need to straighten up and fly right is one thing, but telling them to do so to a funky breakbeat is another and Gene does just that and creates a timeless gem. Enjoy!

Gene Chandler – Tomorrow I May Not Feel the Same

MORE: Who can tell me which producers/artists have sampled this?

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