74 Miles Away Album + Rehearsal Video

74 Miles Away Album + Rehearsal Video


74 Miles Away is a collaboration between Belgian jazz pianist/composer Pierre Anckaert and producers MonkeyRobot (LuiGi & eric P. previously known as Infinitskills). Pierre Anckaert composed and recorded four electric jazz tracks with his trio; MonkeyRobot have radically reworked these four songs. We put you on to the first 74 Miles Away rework of Pierre Ankaert Trio’s August City Blues HERE. The 74 MILES AWAY album is available now on MPM. Same Deam Again was also be featured on Lefto & Simbad present Worldwide Family Vol.1 (Worldwide Family Vol.1 teaser)
Get it HERE

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  1. Thanks for telling your people about these cats …

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