The Stuyvesants – Refined (Album Review)

Wanna be taken on a journey of enriching mellow musical instrumentals? Brooklyn music producer Allan Cole and vinyl collector Darien Victor Birks, aka The Stuyvesants do just that with their fourth album “Refined.”  Coming together to merge their music and design sensibilities, they have produced concept albums of short one to two minute instrumentals that are linked to the past. You get a feeling that their record collection is deep and plentiful, full of soulful treasures.

One can see the influence of the 70’s in Cole and Birk’s production and album artwork. Each song is accompanied by artwork from seventies cigarette and liquor print ads stripped of the branding. This is a brilliantly appropriate pairing simply because the base for each song is sampled from songs of the era. The music is smooth, relaxing and tight from start to finish.  The Stuyvesants have taken samples from soulful 70’s music and repurposed them by adding drum kicks to give them a nice head nodding flavor. Their formula consists of starting a song with the snippet of the original sample followed by dropping an ill beat. “Block Party Season” kickstarts the twenty-five track album with an uptempo sound aptly named for the summer party vibe. Tracks such as “Portlyn”, “Stop” “Sunshine”, and “Mind Traveling” are just easy flowing, take the stress away grooves. No matter what, The Stuyvesants have produced an exceptional range of instrumentals that will appeal to any lover of good music. Download Refined as soon as you can. It is truly the way to travel through the summer.

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Posted by Mekeva M.