Thatmanmonkz – Overproof EP (Album Review)

Thatmanmonkz has been plucked out of the 70’s and descended straight in to the mordern day era of house music. The presence of Rhodes organ brass stabs and bass guitars give the Overproof EP a very retro vibe. Thatmanmonkz brand of disco infused house will leave listners reminiscent of early works from the likes of Franck Roger and DJ Fudge. Monks opts for the use of an MPC in order to deliver dialogue samples, a skill which has definitely become a rarity in house music. The EP takes a deep and soulful twist with a funky lead guitar riff and simple chords shaping the groove of The Feeling. Combine this with pitch perfect vocals by Pete Simpson this is definitely dancefloor filler of the EP. This lastest offering along with his previous EP The Man makes it is abundantly clear Thatmanmonkz has done his math. His formula is one of simplicity, always leave your audience wanting more. With that said listeners will be eagerly anticipating his next project

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Posted by Soul 1 LDN