Taylor Jackson – Roots EP Preview

Home grown (UK) talent Taylor Jackson, subconsciously proves the point that conformity is not necessarily the way to grab people’s attention. The Refreshing Debut Roots EP feels like a modern day parable and listeners will be able to pick up on Jackson’s classically trained musical background. Each track features water tight production, topped with a silky vocal delivery and lyrics that suggest wisdom beyond her years. This is apparent on Just To Pay, a laugh now cry later tale which touches on the economic issues and societies obsession with materialism. The track has an upbeat feel with a touching bridge and optimistic ending. Northern Soul tells the story of a young female a few steps out of sync with the conformity criteria for her generation, whilst simultaneously displaying great characteristics such as heart and integrity. Title track Roots is a motivational piece which ensures the listener to lay solid foundations in preparation for life’s daily trials and tribulations. The Harmonious Downstream draws the EP to a close. This is a perfect track to include on any road trip playlist. Downstream touches on the subject of the strength we draw upon from special individuals in our lives.
To compare Jackson to some of her main influences such as Jill Scott or composer Steve Reich could be considered premature however using this debut EP as a template, her future looks bright. UK listeners should make every effort to catch this young talent live if the next gig happens to be at a venue near you.
Check the preview HERE

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Posted by Soul 1 LDN